About us

For over 45 years, we have been providing compressed air expertise and products to companies in the manufacturing, automotive and construction industries. Through our products and advice, we help companies improve their productivity, reduce the risk of accidents and save on their energy costs.

Our Mission

Making compressed air more accessible through an exceptional experience

We believe that an outstanding experience begins with a willingness to serve well. This requires taking a fresh look at everything around us and using our creativity to raise the bar. Together, we are redefining industry standards.

By promoting clean energy, generously sharing our knowledge and cultivating strong relationships with our customers, we are devoting our energy where it really matters. That is, to create value at every point of contact with our distributors and users. We are confident that the quality of our interactions plays a crucial role in their satisfaction.

Our Values

Investing with passion

Every day, we make sustained efforts to help you achieve your goals. We show you our support by listening to your needs and always responding to your challenges.

Moving forward together

We have only one goal: to enable you to get the most out of our compressed air systems. Always at the forefront, our solutions and practices pave the way for your success.


Our offer

Compressed air is an essential energy source used in many industries, including food manufacturing, pulp and paper, wood products and furniture, aeronautics, textiles, automotive manufacturing, mining and metal processing, transportation, machine shops, automotive maintenance shops and many other sectors.

We cover all aspects of a compressed air network: air treatment, fluid transport, connection to pneumatic equipment, air regulation and process automation. Our products meet the quality and safety standards and specific needs of each industry.


Our approach

Our products are sold through a network of reputable distributors across Canada. Our team of technical advisors works in collaboration with our distributors to provide you with the best technical support services.

Our team is available to guide you through your projects and optimize your processes. We understand the specific challenges of each industry and we have solutions tailored to your exacting specifications.

When we conduct an in-house diagnostic, we take into account three aspects: system performance to ensure that your tools and equipment are operating at their full potential, infrastructure efficiency to reduce your energy costs, and the safe use of compressed air.

Our story

The Menard family started its operations in 1920 in the industrial parts distribution industry, and acquired Topring in the early 1980s. At that time, Topring was an Italian-owned manufacturing company based in Granby, where they manufactured pneumatic components. The compressed air market seemed very promising and the Menard family, wishing to expand its services, acquired the company.

Topring ceased its manufacturing operations to refocus its activities on the design, assembly and distribution of pneumatic components. The company is working with the best manufacturers around the world to offer high quality products. Topring is now recognized as a leader in the industry, and its product line now includes more than 8000 pneumatic components.

In 2020, founder Louis Menard transferred ownership of the company to the third generation. His three children, Anne-Catherine, Alexandre and Marie-Christine, as well as a long-time collaborator, Frédéric Théroux, have proudly assumed the reins of the company.


Left to right: Alexandre Ménard, Marie-Christine Ménard, Anne-Catherine Ménard, Frédéric Théroux and Louis Ménard.