Privacy Policy

Your private life has a crucial importance for TOPRINGS LTEE. We are commited to provide all the transparency about the data we collect when you use our services. These data are treated with a strict confidentiality and are not transmitted to other people without your preliminary written consent.

Users Personal data

In Canada, TOPRINGS LTEE is under provincial and federal laws in terms of personal data protection, especialy the law on the protection of personal data and electronic files and the law on the protection of personal information in private area.

In accordance with the laws related to the protection of physical persons with regard to personal data treatment, you benefit from a permission to access in order to remove, correct, update or suppress the contact information which concern you. For this you can contact us by telephone or send us an email request.

Personal information is only collected if you provide it to us voluntarily, for example when opening your customer account, placing your online order, downloading a document, or participating in a contest, a survey, or when you submit a form from our website. We use this information to serve you better and respond to you as effectively as possible.

When you use the site and its subdomains, the following personal data is recorded by TOPRINGS LTÉE:

  • The name and the first name;
  • Email address and your phone number;
  • Internet Protocol (IP) address;
  • The URL address through which you accessed our website (Referrer Site);
  • Your internet service provider;
  • The date and time of your visit;
  • The pages you consult and the duration of your consultation;
  • The type of browser and your operating system;
  • Any clicks and actions you make on our website or in a marketing email;
  • Any information that you provide to us using a form.

When you enter information on our website, the mandatory or optional way of the personal data is announced to you.

Collecting this information allows us to manage our site, check technical issues, analyze statistics and provide better service to our customers.


TOPRINGS LTEE applies all security measures to protect the personal information it administers on these servers against loss, destruction or unauthorized access. However, the security of these servers can not be guaranteed one hundred percent over the entire Internet because of technological change.


By browsing our website, you agree to our privacy policy.

About cookies

By using our website, you authorize us to install cookies on your browser.

Cookies are small text files that are sent to your device to collect data relating to your browsing on the site, but also to recognize you on your next visit.

The types of cookies we use

We set up three categories of cookies on the website; technical cookies, audience measurement cookies and functionality cookies.

We use cookies on different pages to enable you to navigate the site properly and use its various features and services. For example, the user can access his secure personal area without having to retype previously entered data (this is called a session cookie). Without these cookies, page navigation and secure space can not be provided correctly.

We also analyze the users' activity on the site, the number of visits, the number of pages viewed and their frequency of return by using audience and performance cookies.

All statistics related to user behavior remain anonymous and are only used for the purpose of improving the functioning of the website. This information is not passed on to third parties and is compiled in a customer database.

Control of cookies

If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can refuse them at any time via the settings of your browser. We inform you that some of our web pages may not work properly without these cookies.

In any event, TOPRINGS LTEE undertakes never to disclose the content of these cookies to third parties except in the case of a judicial request.

The site user acknowledges this practice and authorizes TOPRINGS LTEE to do so.

Confidentiality of personal data

Topring complies with the provision of Law 25 on the confidentiality of personal and confidential data. For any incident to report, please contact Frédéric Théroux, co-president Topring, at

Update legal notices

We reserve the right to rectify or update this privacy statement at any time.

This page was last modified on August 19, 2021.