A Donation for Each Vaccinated Employe

February 16, 2022  |  Topring

Granby, August 25, 2021. — The co-presidents and members of the Topring team are pleased to donate $2,950 to Leucan Estrie.

“The current pandemic has not only impacted our daily lives and habits, but also many people in need. As part of our internal vaccination campaign against COVID-19, we have given to Leucan a donation of $50 per vaccinated employee." – Anne-Catherine Ménard, co-president of Topring

At the beginning of the Summer, Topring employees were asked to vote for a local charity. Their selection was Leucan Estrie.

A sum of $2,950 was presented to Mireille Hébert, representative of Leucan Estrie, on behalf of the Topring company. The presentation was made in a festive atmosphere on the company's terrace. It was an opportunity for the team members to highlight the collective efforts against COVID-19.

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Anne-Catherine Ménard, co-president of Topring |  acmenard@topring.ca