5 reasons to choose an aluminium compressed air pipe

February 16, 2022  |  Topring

Using aluminium compressed air pipes increases the performance and efficiency of compressed air piping systems.

1. Anticorrosive and constant airflow

The aluminium alloy prevents the air pipe from corroding and deteriorating. In addition to extending the service life of the piping system, this ensures constant airflow during use.


2. Smooth inner surface resulting in very little pressure loss

The smooth inner surface of the aluminium compressed air pipe allows air to circulate freely, without air friction on pipe walls. This completely eliminates pressure loss due to air turbulence!


3. Leaktight and energy-efficient

Topring aluminium pipes and fittings provide a high degree of leaktightness thanks to their design and unique assembly method. They ensure a zero-leak system.

4. Easy and quick to install

Aluminium pipes are lightweight and easy to handle, reducing assembly time and effort. Installation gets done 50 to 75% faster than with the conventional method of tapping steel air line pipes. Their modular design is adaptable and scalable to existing and future installations.

5. Cost-effective

Aluminium pipes reduce installation costs (labor costs and installation time for compressed air systems). They also reduce maintenance costs (less maintenance is required) and deliver energy efficiency over many years. You’ll earn a return on the investment in short order, and the impact on long-term profitability is significant.


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Aluminium pipes and fittings
Length: 16 mm (4 m) and 20-80 mm (6 m)
Maximum working pressure: 232 PSI
Fluids: compressed air, vacuum, inert gases and nitrogen
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Aluminium pipes and brass fittings
Length: 15-28 mm (4 m) and 40-63 mm (6 m)
Maximum working pressure: 217 PSI
Fluids : compressed air and nitrogen
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