Modular Design: A Long-Term Solution That Can Grow Over Time

February 16, 2022  |  Topring

When Topring audits a facility, we’re looking for solutions or alternatives to help our clients with three key aspects: safety – efficiency – performance.

In working with ASTOUND, our suggestions and alterations focused on efficiency and performance.

Context of the case study

Design and fabrication of state-of-the-art exhibits, events, and environments

ASTOUND exhibits S08 Topring PPS

ASTOUND is an award-winning design & fabrication company that specializes in the delivery of state-of-the-art exhibits, events & environments around the world.

Fabrication all under one roof! 

“We decided to consolidate our Southern Ontario design and fabrication production facilities into one facility. After extensive renovations to sections of the facility to accommodate the production and fabrication areas, a need arose to determine the future requirements for our compressed air network. We wanted to manage the current capacity and expansion needs for the future.

The use of compressed air to operate tools and equipment in our fabrication areas was not new. We were, however, faced with quality of air and pressure drop issues in our current system. The network was linear in design due to original equipment configuration changing over time…adding more work areas and equipment to the network as production projects got larger and more complex. As a result, this meant modifying the main network into a series of extensions and dead-ends exacerbating the issues around quality and consistency of airflow. Not to mention the increase in operational costs!

Topring became involved through a referral which began with a diagnosis of the current issues, including the vision of how the future would look for different fabrication departments as production moved into the new facility. Pre-planning data was collected on compressor capabilities, the air consumption and locations of equipment/tools, air quality requirements, and more—which gave all the context needed to begin the design phase of the 100% aluminum solution Topring proposed in a closed-loop network.”

Rajinder Birdi, Operations Coordinator, ASTOUND Group


Challenges and solutions

The challenges: a long-term solution that can grow over time

For a growing company like ASTOUND, it is important to find a solution that allows them to adapt their facilities quickly and simply as their needs change over time. When planning a compressed air piping system, it is also very important to consider these three factors:

  1. Choosing a closed-loop network
  2. The importance of condensate treatment
  3. The importance of condensate treatment

Planning a Compressed Air Piping System White Paper

Download our white paper “Practical Guide to Planning a Compressed Air Piping System” to learn more about planning an air system.

1. Choosing a Closed-Loop Network

Closed-loop networks are the most efficient configurations because they ensure optimal consistency at all points of use. The goal is to achieve a balance between the demand for air volume (flow measured in SCFM) and the required pressure (in PSI). This factor determines the optimal pipe diameter of the main line.

  • Compressed air flows through several lines simultaneously.
  • Pressure and airflow are balanced throughout the network.
  • The air drops (descents) are powered by two sources.
  • Extensions can be easily added to extend the network.

Closed-loop network

ASTOUND chose a closed-loop configuration for its new compressed air piping system.

2. The Importance of Condensate Treatment

Compressed air produced by the compressor contains water and impurities such as oil and dust. Effective condensate treatment provides clean and dry compressed air. This is possible by adding filters, air dryers and drains at the compressor outlet. Water/oil separators must be installed to allow for proper and lawful disposal of these condensates. Separators also reduce the risk of poor air quality at the access points.  

Air treatment solutions at the compressor

ASTOUND chose to install complete air treatment solutions at the compressor.

3. Air Treatment at the Application

Since the air requirements vary between different tools or equipment, filters, regulators, and lubricators must be added to the different service points. Certain types of tools or equipment require lubrication. Some applications, like paint, require extremely clean, dry air. Air treatment solutions at the air drops

ASTOUND installed air treatment solutions at the air drops.


The solution: a fully adaptable S08 Topring PPS compressed air piping system

Topring’s network design focused on a closed-loop configuration in the predominant fabrication building, where higher airflow requirements are needed. But it is also easy to expand from the main network into other rooms. Thanks to the design and unique assembly method of the Topring PPS Series—which ensures a zero-leak system—we’ve been able to expand the network as needed, modify as desired, and set up airflow connection points to equipment and tools with ease.” – R. Birdi

ASTOUND facilities during renovation

ASTOUND facilities during renovation and installation of the S08 Topring PPS compressed air piping system.

Topring PPS 100% aluminum solution is:

Fully Adaptable: the modular design is adaptable and scalable to existing and future installations.

Quick and Easy to Assemble: simply insert the pipe into the fitting, then tighten the fitting using the proprietary tool.

100% Aluminum Pipes and Fittings: the aluminum alloy pipes are protected using an electrostatic paint and a special coating on the inside surface which optimizes flow rates and increases protection against corrosion and oxidation.

Compact Design: the ergonomic design of the fitting offers superior resistance to vibrations and impacts.

Leaktight with Minimal Pressure Loss: one assembly method for all diameters ensures a rapid connection and zero leaks. Flow rates are optimized thanks to a perfectly smooth internal pipe surface, a low-friction coefficient, and a large internal diameter.


Topring PPS pipes and fittings

Visit the PPS Compressed Air System page to learn more about this practical solution.

Our experience with Topring 

“Topring proposed simple, relevant solutions for our new plant setup. They were great in identifying key features of our compressed air system and made it easy to expand in the future. Our Topring Technical Adviser made himself available throughout the entire process, from design to installation, to make sure the implementation went smoothly, and our questions were answered.” - R.Birdi

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